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Informed Consent ROI

The Holvan Group’s Patient Education and Consent Videos are a simple and effective way to increase the efficiency of your practice. The videos help patients better understand their procedures and will save time1.

Studies have shown that a high-quality informed consent conversation with a patient can take nearly 18 minutes3. While physicians and advanced practice providers are utilizing precious time consenting patients, the angiography suite goes unused, costing money. The use of Holvan patient education videos reduce the time required for informed consent while improving quality of care. Physicians surveyed by Holvan say that the videos save an average of 10 minutes per procedure. This time savings will reduce staff time (overtime) and/or allow for more cases to be done in less time.

A study completed in 2006 by the Department of Radiology at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center found that the hourly rate for operating one angiography suite was $690 per hour4. In 2013, the University of Arkansas published a median hourly cost of $763 to operate one angiography suite2.
Adjusting for inflation, the current hourly rate to operate one angiography suite is $1,050 per hour.

ROI Analysis

Angio Suite cost per hour $1,050
Cases per day 6
Minutes saved per case 10
Minutes saved per day 60
Angio Suite hours per day 8
Angio suite hours saved per day 1
Savings per day $1,050
Working days per year 252
Suite hours saved per year 252
Savings per year $264,600
Annual investment in Holvan $24,000
Return on investment 1,003%

Additional Benefits

Malpractice Risk Reduction
Holvan Videos have already saved several clients from potential malpractice lawsuits.

Improved Patient Satisfaction
97% of patients felt prepared for their procedure after watching the videos, prior to speaking with the physician. SVRMC Survey

Staff Education
Holvan Videos can be used to educate new/support staff on procedures

Uniform Messaging
Each patient receives the same information no matter the day, provider or facility.

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