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Sierra Vista Trial​

Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo, CA conducted the first trial and survey of Holvan’s video patient education. The nine-month trial started on June 1st, 2016 and ran through March of 2017.

During this trial, patients scheduled for surgical procedures were sent emails with a series of patient safety and procedure preparation videos. Patients scheduled for an interventional radiology procedure received additional videos describing the risk, benefits and alternatives of the procedure. Additionally, patients could watch the educational videos at their preoperative appointment, after registration or in the procedure prep area.

A simple double-sided survey card was created to track the patient’s and the staff members’ response to the videos.

All Patients
• 556 survey cards were collected.
• 269 patients (53%) watched all of the assigned videos either at home or at the hospital.
• 90% of these patients had a favorable experience with the videos.

Interventional Radiology Patients
• 248 (44%) of the 556 patients were interventional radiology patients.
• 86% of interventional radiology patients watched all of the videos.
• 91% of patients said the video provided a good explanation about the procedure.
• 97% of patients felt prepared for their procedure after watching the videos, before speaking
with the physician.
• 94% of patients surveyed answered that they understood what role they played in their care
after watching the videos.

Additionally, an internal hospital Press Ganey survey found “Preop staff explanations were clear” went from an average of 86.7% in 2015 and 83.6% prior to the launching the videos and to 91.5% after the videos were launched.

Selected Patient Comments

“Thank you for showing me this video, it was very informative.”

“Videos were a lot better than paper handouts with the same information.”

“The videos were a comfort to the many questions I had before the operation.”

“I’ve had so many procedures…the video on the steroid injection was extremely informative”.

Medication Education Trial

After the success of The Holvan Group’s first trial at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo, CA, the nursing staff asked Holvan to create videos to help them educate patients about their medications. The Holvan Group developed videos for the top 100 prescribed medications. A second trial was conducted to show the efficacy of these medication education videos. The trial began in June of 2016 and ran for five months. The results from the hospital’s internal Press Ganey surveys are shown here.